In greyness the weather swinged and basked,

A fog of old, rude and dead,

Are you alone, was it this she asked?

Only in company he said.


She would have come -to greet, meet, talk sweet

Cotton words well uttered to squeek, very meek.

But torns in his voice, they paved the street,

With little green memories of what she once seeked.


What a festival of souls deeply tailored to life,

Once there were songs of this kind of strive.

Days flitter away, never sitting, never sitting

Lashes make haste save pictures from slipping.


Yet footsteps were made, tap tap, tap tap!

A few minutes late thouhg not too late to stop.

The rain spotted her jacket, colors green now black

Come in and sit down, now it’s too late to go back.


I flew, I jumped, I said hurry, please hurry!

You have come on time to prevent my journey.

I know, well sure, very sure I don’t bother,

I was on a travel to Mars, what an honor, real honor!


Tea I like tea, and I’ll even have some wine!

From far above they have sent me a sign

I never wondered what could lay in great space,

To save him from her with fast and steady a pace.


Goodbye, he said, rising to the skies,

I love how thoughtful you are

Once my mind flies high, my body dies

Are you gone- somewhere far?

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