Veil of harmony

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Feeling of piece envelops my mind…

Pure as waterfall’s flowing tears…

My mind becomes clear..

In this moment.. There’s no fear


Something that’s hard to feel

With all the worries in the world..

If one could feel this tranquility all the time

Even through pain and sorrow, happiness and love..


My body becomes light

As the feather floating in the air

It slowly begins to fly…

Through the veil of harmony


Wish I could forever stay

In this place of freedom and peace

Where there’s no regulations and burdens

To trouble my mind and soul


Wish all the people could find

Heaven of their own…

Wish all people could have

Place they could truly call home


When we feel lost, trapped..

In this strange and curious world…

We keep searching for something..

To prevent us from faltering…


When you want to go

Far away from this world…

When you want to abandon

Leave everything behind..


Just think about your life, it’s start

Think about your good memories

And always, always…

Keep them in your heart.

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