The Corpse Child’s lament

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It was gloomy, breathtaking night

The whole street was covered in fright

No one could ever find the source

Of a sound of weeping remorse…


Freshly buried bones, started to rise

From the depths of earth, child’s demise..

To kill the man who murdered him

While he’s still in his dream…


The boy started to move

His rotting bones…

He didn’t feel any pain

Even when he fell on the pile of stones..


A sillhouete of an old woman appeared

She wasn’t so scary as it seemed..

She asked the boy what happened

The boy said that he was trapped


”The man was chasing me”, he said..

I’ve already seen his face, on a list of Wanted”.

”Where are you going lad?”, he asked…

The boy already knew that he was trapped..


He took a deep breath, of a cool night air

And started to look around in despair.

”No one will help you now”, the man said…

The boy answered with: ”please don’t hurt me, I’m so afraid”.


He saw the man, taking his sharp blade

That he obviously got on a black market trade..

The boy started to cry, weeping in his fear..

The man said: ”It will all be over soon my dear”.


People buried the boy in an unmarked grave…

They could hear each night, his crying rave.

Now he started to move towards that woman

”For all the people of this town, this will be an omen”


When he took her life, he felt nothing

The boy just pulled out.. her life’s string.

The next day, people found

Two people to the boy’s grave bound…


The grave was empty, an opened ground..

But at night, there was no more weeping sound.

The boy started to decompose, after some time

And this is how it ends: this song’s rhyme…

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