The Ballad of a Simple Man and a Freebird

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Always so damn close, yet so fucking far away.
This could have been the love of ages,
But it was never meant to be.
Or if it was, how patient do I have to be?

How cruel of destiny to make a settler, a Simple Man,
Fall in love with a wanderer with wings unfurled.

I do not care for gold and riches,
Don’t give a fuck about foreign lands,
My spirit calm and steady, though always ready,
To live in tranquil peace and just be.

Yet her soul lies far away, in distant lands,
And unexplored stars, waiting for the moment to awake.
The whole world and then some more,
Glows like a sapphire in her pretty brown eyes.
Fragments of her dreams reflected
On her bookish little glasses.

I’m steady water, you… a wild flame,
Living here, living there, worlds apart,
That’s what it feels like.
I am the calm before…
While you are…
The Storm.

Fly now little bird, fly and be free,
But always know, I’ll save you a spot next to me,
Wherever in fucking Hell may that be.


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