Memories lost within the void of our hearts

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Forsaken memory, pain

It just makes another stain..

Lost souls, forgotten dreams

Life isn’t easy as it seems…


Sometimes for glory we fight

Just to show our great might..

But in reality, we are all lost

We don’t always use our life’s most…


It would be easy, if we could forget the pain

It would be hard, to repeat these memories again..

We’ve all felt at least once, the cruelness of this world

And our life inside out got twirled…


Many people try to ruin your life..

Causing bad things such as strife

Do not listen all the lies

Ignore their hungry cries..


Be yourself, forget everything else

That doesn’t make any sense

Aim for your happiness, the highest star…

When you are happy, success is not far


If you’re all alone,  do not despair

If you believe, life will be fair..

If the silence kills you, the bottom of your soul…

Do not let good memories inside your mind to fall.

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