Inner space of my mind…

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There is hole in my head, a big one though.

It’s very dark too.

This hole has no end,  and time  doesn’t exist there!


But, there are millions and billions connected dots,

those dots represent my thoughts.

Every single dot is one simple information,

maybe a letter or some random number.

When those dots connect themselves, a new idea is born!


Imagine all this,  and make it alive,

a numerous of dots are created every second,

a numerous of original ideas are created right now!


Imagine that you can see this world,

this simple mini space in your head.

Imagine more people standing next to you,

and that every single one of them has this mini space in their heads too.

Imagine now a millions, a billions,  of people.


Yes,  all those images are currently in my head,

You,  reader of this are in my head too,

your entire space,  and your image of my entire space!

And so on and on,  many,  many times,

a space of many, many people!


All this is my vision, all this is in my head,

and i call it


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