I’m here, behind you – Marijana Dokoza

Tell me what she feels,
looking at the lie in your eyes
Can she feel me as I’m tearing down mountains
to be with you

My hands are trembling as I’m looking at my sin
I’ll die with it ’cause without it the pain is too big
I’m alive only while you call me your destiny
in those stolen moments

I don’t know where I’m going and what I’m building
if I can face the years to come
I wake up lonely
next to a man they call mine
What does he feel while listening to my lie
Doesn’t he get tired of trying to reach me

As I vanish running to you day after day
And I’m slowly going mad as the dream separates me from reality
I hear your voice and the pain stops for a second
Whatever you do I’ll wait for you, be right here behind you
Look at you as you soothe her, while I soothe him

I’m listening to laughter, but hiding tears …
Can’t you see how long our roads are, how long it’s taking
don’t you wonder how to survive while I forget her, and you remove him,,,
day after day I walk slowly…
I’m here, wherever you are…I’m here beside you…
Autor: Marijana Dokoza


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