I send U to the Universe of Love

The night’s soft

A glass of water between fingers

A walk outside

Hear the pounding of my heart inside


For a moment, one long moment


The music of your voice

Caught me unprepared

You just called

My mind’s temperature

Enormously rose

You said goodbye

I said one too

We both love

And it hurts


I take all my clothes off

And walk round the house

My lips sealed

My heart still catching its breath

You were calm

I didn’t say much

But enough


These days I was thinking a lot

I’d wake up with fresh conclusions

My brain’d make it for me over the night

And i didn’t ask

I listened to my third eye’s inspection

Knew it wasn’t lying


I was sober

Am sober


Night of important transitions

The Full Moon, right

Everything’s transcending, tonight


Our souls

They will meet again, one day

After our deaths


This experience makes us strong

You did a great job

I did mine –

But it wasn’t meant for us


See the trees

Getting numb

Like us

Use my brains

Heart’s too cheaty, right


See you in my soul

And say hello

You’ll stay there

When all love is gone


Remember: I’m no miracle

But I love as one


And one thing I know:

You’ll miss me

Wherever you go


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