From cloud 9 to ground 0 in 22 verses

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My eyes like a glass while hard tool drills deep

Her silky legs clutched tightly around my hips

Placid rhythm that suits her, she begs me to keep

Vibrant tongue like snake slides between her lips

She bites me in passion, I feel no pain

Sweet flavour of blood awakes ancient beast

Primitive instincts took control from brain

It came to please hunger, long awaited feast

Expression of ecstasy engraved on her face

Jumbling words of joy, music to my ears

We look at each other, lost in time and space

No more lonely nights, no more inner fears

Two bodies like one, muscles work in unity

Five senses are for mortals, we are having dozen

This must be the Paradise, beautiful eternity

Heaven is on Earth, Hell forever frozen

My soul wants to leave me, I’m probably dying

No better time for that! I happily scream

Cold awareness freezes me – it was just a dream

Eternal emptiness – now I feel like crying

I need you my love to put away this pain

I beg you my love, please visit me again

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