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Even bad words can trigure a need for a Dream.

A dream that will  show them with who are they messing with.

A dream that will show them that they were wrong,

that they are all cowards,

hiding behind their problems,

behind their lies,  their ties,

like a mice,

waiting in a hole,

for a change,  for a crum.

They are not dum’,

but they are weak,

they should seek,

more than a God damn week,

for a higher purpose,

for a higher ground,

as water is rising,

you can hear her beautiful sound.

A dream is salvation,

something to strive for,

to dive for,

deep in that water,

below the abyss, below the dark,

and only then, you can leave a mark,

only then you can say,

that you’ve found the way,

not to obey.


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