Kad slusas

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I send U to the Universe of Love

The night’s soft A glass of water between fingers A walk outside Hear the pounding of my heart inside Hypnotized For a moment, one long moment Paralyzed The music of your voice Caught me unprepared You just called My mind’s temperature Enormously rose You said goodbye I said one too We both love And it hurts   I take all my clothes off And walk round the house My lips sealed My heart still catching its breath You were calm I didn’t say much But enough   These days I…

a house upon a hill

it was hidden among leaves and shadows observing it from some distance it whispered about its loneliness disagreements within her being were never easy to overcome she knew the thing was repeating the story of her days gone-by why this house why this hill well some things you cannot choose but why this stillness why this gloom upon her mind fell. too well she knew.