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I dedicate this song to my friends, my girlfriend and all the others who always stood by my side, made my life easier and never let me down. But most of all, I dedicate this song to a friend who’s no longer with us, but will stay in our hearts forever.


These days, words have no meaning,

These days, we can’t believe what we’re seeing.

These days, we don’t even like the world we’re living,

And all we have left is dreaming.

But sometimes dreams don’t come true,

And there’s nothing, nothing we can do.

Don’t know where this world is going to,

Maybe on this ride, there’s no place for me and you.

There are days I can’t wait to see the rain,

To wash away all this pain.

There are days I think I’m going insane,

Feel like someone pulled and sucked me down the drain.

Forever chasing something long time gone,

Never looking back, but always on the run.

Sometimes I wish I could turn off the sun,

To hide myself from things, I wish I had never done.

But no matter how hard I try to relax and unwind,

Sometimes even I’m fooling myself, pretending I’m blind.

One thing keeps me going on, helping to leave the past behind,

My friends and one girl I will always have on my mind.

Whoever says he can walk this world alone,

He may be still wandering around, but inside he is already gone.

And I blame this world for turning young hearts into stone,

Leaving them with nothing to move on.

I used to know one girl, she had so much love to give,

So youthful, she had many reasons to live.

But one day she took one-way ticket and decided to leave,

I guess she’s just couldn’t find another reason to believe.

Almost every night, I look at stars in the sky,

Can’t help myself thinking, is there a heaven or is it all just a lie?

Every day, I see us in the streets saying, that familiar and lifeless : “Hi”,

No feelings, no expression when we say goodbye.

To busy with ourselves, living day by day

While all the things we love are fading away

Nothing is white or black, everything is grey,

Prepared to do anything, if someone will pay

This whole world is built on money and greed,

If you aren’t rich, you’ll be left to bleed.

People say prayers are what we need,

But words can’t save us from what we did.

And some people just aren’t worth a tear from an eye,

Take a look around, you’ll understand why.

Enjoying to laugh someone, to hurt someone, but to proud to cry,

Can’t take a stand for their beloved ones, no matter how hard they try.

We can fool ourselves, by looking things on the bright side,

But in the end, some things we can’t forget, some feelings we can’t hide.

Sometimes you must stand for someone, tell the truth, even swallow your pride,

Just think how many things went wrong because someone lied?

Many of us feel like in this world we don’t belong,

Our days are lonely, nights always seem too long.

And these are the people whom I dedicate this song,

Don’t give up, never back down, try to stay strong.

In my heart there’s a hope that one day,

There will be people willing to say:

“Sometimes there’s just no use to pray,

Sometimes we have to do it our way!”


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