The only planet of choice

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Nowadays, when I look at sunset I feel as it is the last one...
We have a big problem!
All of us on the Earth must ask ourselves
what we have done to our beautiful and unique Earth.
Because of our shameless egoism we have forgotten 
how to live with the nature and 
how to thank God for living on the Earth.
Why is it so hard living simple life 
instead what we are doing now; we have complicated everything!
Our planet is called "The only planet of choice"
 and what have we chosen!?
We have chosen our self destruction because 
the only thing we destroy is human existence.
The Earth will be existing in the future
 after punishing human race for being and acting like gods.
The new circle will begin and the 
new kind of life will substitute stupid humans.
Our final destiny will be "lost in the universe without home".
But all this should not be happen if we change ourselves.
We must love the Earth, our beautiful home 
because it is our promised land, our paradise.

2 thoughts on “The only planet of choice

  1. Čovjek je jedino biće koje se zna diviti prirodi, ali i jedini nametnik na Zemlji. Sunce će uvijek zatvarati svoj krug. Ali, što će obasjavati?
    Egoizam čovjeka, njegova prazna i gramzljiva duša u stanju je uništiti Božju ljepotu.
    Lijepe misli Nep.Veliki pozdrav!:))


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