The Last Guardian

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That light I see in horizon
That perfect radiance
Oh, it flows like a spiritual
Like a perfect hidding solar sense

His song I hear in horizon
His music of waves that dance
Look it moves, like a spark of a heart
Like a future riding magnificence

He dives from the ocean
From legion of the blue glance
All that it was is a sea born child
The last guardian in the night

All that life within him
Nature melody of the stars
All that makes him breathing
Makes him shine like a fire sky
Gentle breeze in the silence
His eyes are filled with the brave
Silver wings free of malevolence
He’s a shining, pouring, laughing rain

Pure, kind, but still strong
He brings truth to the lost
In dying depths he was born
Yet he choose to be always wrong

He flies above us
He cries with all of us
But he is a winged soul that dance
The last guardian in the night


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