somebody else will love me.

I loved you passed the sun

with you i had a lot of fun

but you are like a drum

when someone hits you

you make a lot of sound

ching ching there goes another round

you are so beautiful when you talk to me nice

can’t remember last time that happened to be precise

I  never listened to any advice

guess why im here in the dark with no lights

your absence arrested me and I have no rights

I thought I climbed your heights

but I am at the bottom in sewage with all these mice

our fights…

brought me here left me with nothing but fear

I swear to god if I have a spear

I would rip it through right here

the organ that beats for you my dear

im talking but you cant hear

you said bye and you made your self clear

we are nothing now

I wonder how it came to this

even a kiss wouldn’t fix this

I guess I shot and I missed

its obvious that I am pissed

but like one of your favourite songs goes

“somebody else will love me”

so I am all chill and hope someone else

can tolerate your anger and your hate


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