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Well now, how should I say it right?

I’m just going to say, the truth, is not bright

Look me; you’ll se, the broken record

In love, I’m alone and I’m bored

So what? I don’t really care

But people around me steer

And they’re always ask the same question

Why am I always locked, like a prison?

That is me but not my heart, I say

I’m not alone I have friends, but that’s what my heart slays

Heart don’t need friends it need a person who is right for him

But that one isn’t come for me I didn’t meet she like it’s a sin

I don’t know what to do I really don’t know

I take this scene like more then two in a role

This empty room in my heart is like an old story

It isn’t like when I woke up, and look in the mirror I see glory

No! When I woke up, I wish I didn’t, because this life sucks

And yeah, every mirror that I have is broken, that mean that I am a loser it is.


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