cant stop my inspiration.

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baby your more than just pretty
i am not even kidding
im speaking from the heart
number one on my chart

i remember your look
i remember your touch
i remember the heat
i remember the rush

theres not a moment i forgot
i think i just might
paint a picture with my words
cuz while you are gone it really hurts

all i got is memories
time is my enemy
hope is not dead in me
i hope you are hearin me

in my dreams you appear
i see you nice and clear
so sweet and dear
but you are not near

our moments are precious
like a golden necklace
if i have one wish
it would be your kiss

under summer sun we met
just like chocolate we melt
fresh flowers we smelt
and nothing but love was felt

when i see you next time
i will bring the sunshine
you bring your smile
and everything is allright

not even the clouds
not even the rain
not even the mountain
not even the pain


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