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Though nothing can bring back the hour
of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower.”
W. Wordsworth, Ode: Intimations of Immortality

Among so much weeds
a single flower bursts out.
Above the wild and noisy crowd
a sole Man stands tall and proud.
Those are very promising days
amid corona and the earthquakes…
Man, you are the ONE
You have been chosen
History has been made;
The birds are chirping
The rivers are chanting
The forests are singing
and the Adriatic is crooning
its dignified Ode to a Hero.
my beautiful, beloved, defiant
You are on your march
to become the most civilized and righteous
among the Nations, on the Earth–
the One that promotes
Beauty and Truth
Justice and Integrity
and a Credo that —All Men are equal!
you are above the flock
standing on the guard
for just and civil society
which will never, again, tolerate
bestiality and tyranny , of any kind.
Instead of the rotten seeds of hatred and shackles,
you scatter the healthy ones, of love and liberty.
Yes, Man
Stay tall, and daring, and persistent.
Never betray the splendour of inner greatness,
You are the flower among the weeds
Immortality is attained by the Brave
who never stop defending
their principles and creeds.
Yes, Man
Feeling so proud, indeed…

“Rijeka bez povratka”
8.maja, 2020.


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